About Us

Who are we?

Universal Industrial Products, Inc. (UIPI) is a manufacturer specializing in slewing bearing solutions. For over a decade, we have helped our customers with bearing design and supply solutions that have allowed them to reduce costs and improve profitability. 

Our design engineers are available to visit with you on site and review your application requirements in detail. We will assist you throughout the design, installation, and maintenance processes. Once a design is implemented and tested, we are happy to work on stocking an inventory for delivery on a JIT basis.

Our goal is to work with you as business partners, not just a supplier. Our design services, manufacturing, and quality, along with a strong focus on customer service, will help us build long-lasting, beneficial relationships.

Working with UIPI, you will benefit with: 

- Quicker response time Often times, we hear customers comment that other slewing bearing manufacturers take too long to respond to requests for quotes or customer service issues. At UIPI, usually, quotes will be provided on the same day, no later than 24 hours and 2D and 3D files no later than 48 hours, despite the time difference. 

- High customizable Since 2009, UIPI has been supplying precision-crafted slewing bearings for hundreds of various applications. Every UIPI solution is specified, supported and backed by the in-house engineering experts.This working experience gives us the capability to provide the best possible slewing bearing solution for each client and you will never be forced into a "catalog solution". 

- Optimal price The UIPI team understands that by keeping quality high, and pricing low, you are able to be more competitive in the global marketplace. We aren’t looking to run our business on single orders, but instead on developing long-term relationships. Through our own manufacturing processes, and leveraging our raw suppliers, we are able to offer stationary, reasonable pricing.

- Cost-effectiveness Many companies have the added stress of maintaining the perfect level of inventory. Too little and product can’t be shipped, too much and budget is tied up. Given blanket orders, we can make sure we have slewing bearings always available for you at our California warehouse. This proven business model enables you to get rid of excessive in-house inventory, which is also a very effective budget-saving method. We also understand that requirements change, sometimes calling for product to be pulled up or pushed back. That's just part of the business, and we are happy to ship accordingly.

- Quality as foundation All the production process are done in-house from start to finish, including heat treatment, which is a very critical step for bearing quality. We bought the top of the line heat treatment machinery so we could do all heat, raceways and gears, in-house. This brings our attention to quality control for EVERY step.

- Peace of mind The UIPI team understands that as a manufacturing project, slewing bearings are often the foundational parts, you can’t start until your bearings arrive. The UIPI team understands your need for on-time delivery and continuously updates our manufacturing process and facility flow to keep lead times at a consistent 12 weeks. So when we tell you “12 weeks to delivery,” you can depend on it. We also understand there are sometimes circumstances that require rush shipment; talk with us, and we will do everything we can to help!

- Lower risk I'm sure you've heard of this “Our slewing bearing with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.” In addition to verbal commitment, we issue liability insurance for each of our customers, covering up to $2M. We have never had to use this coverage, but it acts as a great safety net for those hesitant to work with UIPI. Each bearing carries a one-year warranty, and we stand behind our products.