Advantages and Benefits

Advantages and Benefits

UIPI advantages in slewing bearing:

● First & Only API QMS Certified slewing bearing supplier in China.  

● Over 80% of our customers are OEMs in the construction industry.

● The US and Canada cover our 95% market shares.

● 7,000+ slewing bearings were delivered in 2018, forecast 9,000+ in 2019

● UIPI facility has over 20 years' experience in manufacturing slewing bearings.

● UIPI is able to arrange 24-hours on-site pre-sales & after-sales service in States. 

● UIPI is happy to work on stocking an inventory in California & Florida, and delivery on a JIT basis.

● Production quality control by the unique identifying tracking number for each slewing ring to trace from the start to the end. 

Working with UIPI, you will benefit with:


●  Faster response times

●  Dependable delivery

● Expert technical support

●  Stationary and reasonable pricing

● Greater flexibility

●  More proactive attitude and service 

●  Customized slewing bearing

●  100% traceable high quality slewing bearings

● Cost-effectiveness due to keeping stock for you

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