Packing and Storage

Packing and Storage 

UIPI slewing bearings have a rust-inhibiting lubricant on all surfaces. Once the final inspection is complete, each bearing is lubricated, wrapped with impermeable plastic, and finished with a wrap of vinyl. These steps help prevent any rust from forming on the bearing surface and keeping it free of debris during transit and storage. All bearings are shipped in wooden crates.

Slewing bearings should be stored in a clean, dry, and chemical-free environment. They should be well supported in a flat, horizontal position. If several slewing bearings of equal size are to be stored they should be stacked, horizontally, with equal-size dividing blocks at a minimum 120 degrees around the top and bottom of the corresponding surfaces of each bearing.

These slewing bearings can be stored for up to 12 months from the date of manufacture without any additional maintenance. For bearings that remain in storage over 12 months, please regrease, rotate, and reapply rust preventative coatings. 

Please contact UIPI for help with long-term storage procedures.

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