Production Capability

Production Capability

The UIPI production site covers an area of 10,000 m² and it is specialized in the design and manufacture of slewing bearings for multiple applications that require long lifetime reliability, high safety levels, and easy assembling and maintenance.


The plant is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and automated production lines that guarantee reliable and efficient production, along with the best cost-effectiveness and precision with stable and consistent quality in performance. 

● CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine

CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine-900x675.jpg

● CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

CNC Vertical Lathe Machine -900x675.jpg

● CNC Induction Hardening Machine

CNC Induction Hardening Machine -900x675.jpg

● Heat Treatment Tempering Furnace 

Heat Treament tempering furnace 900x598.jpg

● CNC Drilling Machine

CNC Drilling Machine - 900x675.jpg

● Gear Cutting Machine

Gear Cutting Machine - 900x675.jpg

● Assembling Area

assembling area- 900x675.jpg

● Finished Product Area

fininshed product area- 900x675.jpg

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