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Cross Roller Slewing Bearings(slewing rings)

Cross Roller Slewing Bearings(slewing rings)

Designed to meet your requirements, manufactured from your drawing or reproduced from your samples. Our engineer will design your slewing ring using Auto CAD, SolidWorks, Pro/E etc. the latest design software and draft to DIN, AGMA, British Standards.

Slewing Bearing(slewing rings) Specification:

Outer Diameters: Standard models from 480 mm to 5000 mm (18" to 196")

Slewing Bearing(slewing rings) Capacity:

Maximum Thrust: 45,200 KN (10,200,000 lbs)

Maximum Moment: 30,672 KN-M (41,584,000 ft-lbs)

Slewing Bearing(slewing rings)Gearing: Non-gear, External Gear, Internal Gear

Catalog Downloads:

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing (Ungear).pdf

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing (External Gear).pdf

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing (Internal Gear).pdf

Slewing Bearing(slewing rings) Material:






Alloy Steel

AISI 4140




Carbon Steel

AISI 1045




Crossover Roller Slewing Bearing(slewing rings) Applications:

Crossover Roller Slewing Bearing Applications

• Small Cranes

• Cranes and Manipulators

• Pitch Bearing for Windpower

• Industrial Positioners

• Aerial Lifts

• Yaw Bearing for Windpower

• Rotation Tables

• High-capacity Lifting Equipment

• Segement Erector for TBM

• Rotating Displays

• Truck Mounted Boom Cranes

• Construction Machinery

• Bottling Machines

• Position/Index Tables

• Material Handling Machine

• Conveyors

• Radar & Satellite Antennas

• Wasterwater Treatment

• Mobile Crane Truck

• Robots

• Grapples

• Solar Trackers

• Medical Equipments

• Scrap Hanling Machines

• Solar Power System

• Excavators

• Mining Machines

• Combination Sewer Cleaners

• Digger Derricks

• Bucket Trucks

• Forestry Equipment

• Log Loaders & Fellers

• Man Lifts

• Crawer Crane

• Knuckleboom Loaders

• Railroad Machines

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