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Quality Control
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Quality Control Documentation:

  • Organization Chart
  • Quality Control Process Chart
  • Bearing Manufacture Process Report
  • Production Schedule/li>
  • Forging Receipt Inspection Report
  • Productions Process Inspection Report
  • Gearing Receipt Inspection
  • Heat Treatment Receipt Inspection Report
  • Measurement Equipment Inspection Report
  • Final Inspection Report
  • Quality Record List
  • Customer Feedback Record
  • Document Check Out Application
  • Document Revise Record

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Product Liabilities Insurance

Product Liabilities Insurance

Quality Control Process
Quality Control Process

Initial Services

After receiving your inquiry, UIPI's engineers will contact you immediately. UIPI's engineering team will try to understand and analyze your requested products. UIPI may also send engineers based in USA to work with you. Per your detailed specifications and technical needs, UIPI will provide your with a total design solution.

Process production

All the manufacturing facilities of UIPI are committed to the highest possible standards of quality.

Our comprehensive Quality Management System was certified as ISO 9001:2000 in 2002, UIPI has a long standing commitment to quality.

Our engineering team follows production in real time, discovering and solving any production problems.


All UIPI slewing bearings leave their factory with rust inhibitor lubricant coatings on both the inner and outer surfaces.

Bearings are generally kraft paper wrapped; larger bearings have an additional Poly-wrap seal.

Individual wooden packaging is for larger bearings. These packaging systems allow for easier transportation, handling and storage.

Transportation and Stocking

UIPI has professional logistic personnel who will monitor the entire transportation process in real time and notify customers of the status.

UIPI has its own warehouse near Los Angeles, CA, USA. UIPI can also provide you with packaging and stocking services.

Technical Support

UIPI' has an experienced engineering team, which can be sent to factories and work with you directly.

It can also provide on-site services to understand, analyze, and design your products.

Any post-production problems can be addressed properly. On-site service, Worry Free is UIPI's principle.

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