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Manufacturing Site

The UIPI production site covers an area of 10,000 m² and it is specialized in the design and manufacture of slewing bearings for multiple applications that require long lifetime reliability, high safety levels, and easy assembling and maintenance.

A Story about our Production Line

“Do you think is there anything that we can improve?”

This is a question I asked our American TBM customers when they came to visit our facility in 2019.

They are quite satisfied with their 2-days visit to our factory and didn’t even say one negative word about us.

But I believe “Everything can be improved”, so I asked this question then.

He thought for a second and said “Your machines are a little bit outdated.”

I answered half-seriously, half-joking ”Yes, they are. But, though our machines are old, we can still provide stable high-quality slewing bearings consistently. Doesn't that mean we're brilliant?”

Hahaha... We all laughed...

Yes, we don't have all the cutting-edge machinery in our factory, but t
his year, in 2021, we developed a new big customer "W".

We brought 2 new CNC drilling machines into our production line, to increase our production efficiency. 

Now our factory is equipped with complete CNC machines production line that guarantees reliable and efficient production.

Manufacturing Process

1. forging.JPG
Raceway Turning
5. gear cutting.JPG
Gear Cutting
7. Fine Turning.JPG
Fine Turning
2. rough turning.JPG
Rough Turning
4. raceway heat treatment.JPG
Induction Heat Treatment
6. drilling.JPG
Holes Drilling

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