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Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Compact structure with high rigidity, high precision and constant rotational resistance

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Cross-roller bearings are made up of a squared raceway and cylindrical rollers instead of balls. The full contact of the rollers (versus just 4 points of the balls) increases the load capacity of this style bearing, especially for radial forces.

This style bearing also has a tigher internal clearance than ball bearings, with axial and radial clearances typically from 0.0-0.03mm (preloaded). While this increases the starting torque, it also increases the accuracy and rigidity of the bearing, making it especially useful in precision applications.

  • For mid-to-heavy load applications

  • High precision and accuracy

  • High stiffness and rigidity

  • Constant rotational resistance

  • Higher rotational torque

  • Accept all combinations of axial, radial, and tilting moment loads

  • Available in gearless, internally geared and externally gear versions

  • Available in induction hardened gears

  • Typical sizes range from 300mm-2000mm with other sizes upon request.

  • Available with different corrosion protection coatings

  • Matching pinions are available for all slewing bearings. 

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