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Who We Are

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We are distinguished by experience and values

We are a manufacturer that specializes in slewing bearings. We've been assisting our customers with slewing bearing design and supply solutions for nearly two decades, which is why we know everything about slewing ring bearings.


With decades of hands-on experience in hundreds of various applications and sectors, our technical team is ready to assist you.


We strive for continuous development, and believe the basic business rules "Saying what you've done, and doing what you've said" This is why we are one of the best manufacturers of slewing ring bearings in the country.

A Story about UIPI President&CEO

The story is a little bit long and that's not what you usually see, but I believe you will be inspired after reading it.

We understand some stigma with China manufacturer, but, we aren’t the typical Chinese slewing bearing manufacturer.


Let’s start with the president of UIPI, Wendell.


In 2002, he went to the US to study and earned a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University(BYU). 


After graduation, he went to a US company work as a design engineer and worked there for 3 years, gaining hands-on experience in the manufacturing process and US standards of quality control. While he was working there he dreamed of building his own company and continued to study the US market.


In 2004, he established UIPI in the US, specializing in the sales of slewing bearing and pinions.


Though he shared some stock of the Chinese slewing bearing manufacturers, cooperating with them was not easy and smooth as he thought.


Since several quality and delivery issues kept happening for those years, and finally caused the biggest crisis which made UIPI lose $80,000.00, he realized it’s time to build his own facility. Only in this way, he can fully control the manufacturing process and quality.


While it may sound silly on the surface. After built his own facility, he try hard to pay attention to detail within our employees and plant.


Every day, he receives photos of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is prepared for the shop workers. While small, its the owner’s way of making sure everything is acceptable, even while traveling.


There are also monthly bonuses for the employees who run the most miles through daily posts of workouts and running routes.


Besides, the government’s medical insurance, he also pay for the employees routine physical examination annually.


Again, we know these seem small, but, they are genuine methods to care for the employees and help change the stigma around Chinese manufacturers.


As Simon Sinek says, “Leaders are not responsible for the results. Leaders are responsible for the people who are responsible for the results.

Working with UIPI, you will benefit with: 

Increased Response Time

Frequently, we hear customers complain that some slewing bearing companies take too long to react to quotation requests or customer support. UIPI typically provides quotations within 24 hours, with 2D and 3D files accessible the next day, regardless of the time difference.

Reasonable Price

The UIPI team understands that by maintaining a high standard of quality while keeping prices low, you can remain competitive in the worldwide marketplace. We are able to maintain stable, reasonable pricing by utilizing our own manufacturing process and leveraging our raw material suppliers.

Peace of Mind

The UIPI staff understands that slewing bearings are always the core pieces of a manufacturing endeavor, and that you can't start until your bearings come. We recognize the importance of on-time delivery and are constantly updating our production process and facility flow to maintain 14-week lead times.

High Customizable

UIPI has been offering precision-crafted slewing bearings for a variety of applications since 2004, with hundreds of slewing ring bearing designs available. However, if none of these models match your requirements, we are happy to design a new model specifically for you. Never will you be compelled to use a "catalog solution."

Quality As Foundation

All manufacturing procedures are completed in-house, including heat treatment, which is a vital step in ensuring the quality of slewing bearings. We invested in top-of-the-line heat treatment equipment so that we could handle all heat treatment, raceways, and gears in-house. This focuses our attention on quality control throughout the process.

Lower Risk

The majority of slewing bearing manufacturers, including UIPI, provide a one-year warranty. In addition to this verbal promise, we issue liability insurance for each of our customers, covering up to $2M. We've never had to utilize this coverage, but it's a good backup plan for people who are scared to deal with UIPI.

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Slewing Bearings in China

Improve Your Purchasing Experience Today

Whether you're trying to reduce cost, improve quality, shorten lead time, or find an application engineer, we appreciate any opportunity to help.

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A Story about How UIPI Grew into a Slewing Bearing

In this story, we will share how we grew from just a two-person trading company into a slewing bearing manufacturer with over 70 staff, and producing 7,000 slewing bearings per year.
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