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Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing

The Typical and Flexible Choice for the Majority of Industrial Applications

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Single row ball bearings are also called four-point contact bearings. Making it a popular choice for countless applications, the capacity of this style bearing typically far surpasses its size. Because of the four-point contact design, these bearings can handle axial, radial, and moment loads alike. 
It's the most common type in the slewing bearing industry; nearly 90% of slewing rings in the market are this type. It's a cost-effective design and the most flexible choice for most machinery applications. 

​This style bearing is used across many industries, including cranes, positioners, turntables, excavators, water clarification, and many, many other applications.

  • For light to medium load applications

  • Insensitive to vibrations

  • Available in gearless, internally geared, and externally geared versions

  • Available in internally flanged and externally flanged versions (suitable for light application)

  • Available with induction hardened gears

  • Typical sizes range from 200mm-2,800mm, with other sizes upon request.

  • Available with different corrosion protection coatings

  • Mating pinions are available for all slewing ring bearings. 

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