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Who We Are

Always Learning, Always Growing


UIPI Founded
Universal Industrial Products, Inc. (UIPI) 
was founded in Silicon Valley, California,
with a vision to provide high-quality slewing bearings in China to overseas customers. 


Engineering Team Established
As most slewing bearings are customized for specific projects, UIPI hired an experienced team of engineers to provide high-quality, functional designs for customer requirements. 


API Registration
Though UIPI was already ISO9001 Certified, API (American Petroleum Institute) Registration greatly increased the quality control, transparency, and documentation.


Production Breakthrough
In buying and integrating multiple new CNC machines, UIPI production capacity surpasses 1,000 slewing bearings per month, with deliveries worldwide.


Sales Team Established
With international inquiries increasing, UIPI established a full sales team in order to give proper attention to each and every customer. 


Manufacturing Moved In-House
Unhappy with the quality of the outsourced manufacturing processes, UIPI built a fully-integrated facility to manufacture slewing bearings, start to finish.


New Facility
Seeing a need for increased production and capacity, UIPI moved into a new facility, increasing usable space to 150,000sqft.

About UIPI

Universal Industrial Products, Inc. (UIPI) is a manufacturer specializing in slewing bearing solutions. For nearly two decades, we have helped our customers with slewing bearing design and supply solutions that have allowed them to reduce costs and create value.


Our engineering team is standing by to help, with decades of hands-on experience covering hundreds of different applications and industries. We will assist you throughout the design, installation, and maintenance processes. Once a design is implemented and tested, we are happy to work on stocking an inventory for delivery on a JIT basis.


Our goal is to work with you as business partners, not just as suppliers. Our engineering, manufacturing, and quality, along with a strong focus on customer service, will help us build long-lasting, beneficial relationships.

Working with UIPI, you will benefit with: 

Quicker Response Time

Oftentimes, we hear customers comment that other slewing bearing manufacturers take too long to respond to requests for quotes or customer service issues. At UIPI, quotes are usually provided within 24 hours, with 2D and 3D files available within the next day, despite the time difference. 

Affordable Price

The UIPI team understands that by keeping quality high, and pricing low, you are able to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Through our own manufacturing processes, and leveraging our raw material suppliers, we are able to offer stationary, reasonable pricing.

Peace of Mind

The UIPI team understands that as a manufacturing project, slewing bearings are always the foundational parts, you can’t start until your bearings arrived. We understand the importance of on-time delivery, and continuously update our manufacturing process and facility flow to keep lead times consistent at 14 weeks. 

High Customizable

Since 2004, UIPI has been supplying precision-crafted slewing bearings for various applications, with hundreds of slewing ring bearings available designs. However, if one of these models meets your needs, we're happy to design a new model around your requirements. You will never be forced into a "catalog solution". 

Quality As Foundation

All the production processes are done in-house from start to finish, including heat treatment, a very critical step for slewing bearing quality. We've purchased the top-of-the-line heat treatment machinery so we could do all heat, raceways, and gears, in-house. This brings our attention to quality control to EVERY step.

Lower Risk

Most slewing bearing manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, including UIPI. However,  in addition to this verbal commitment, we also issue liability insurance for each of our customers, covering up to $2M. We have never had to use this coverage, but it acts as a great safety net for those hesitant to work with UIPI. 

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Slewing Bearings in China

Improve Your Purchasing Experience Today

Whether you're trying to reduce cost, improve quality, shorten lead time, or find an application engineer, we appreciate any opportunity to help. 

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Story about How UIPI
became a Slewing Bearing

In this story, we will share how we grew from just a two-person trading company into a slewing bearing manufacturer with over 70 staff, and producing 7,000 slewing bearings per year.
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