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Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Increase the load capacity up to 80% compared to the same-sized single row ball slewing bearing

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There are two kinds of double-row ball slewing bearings. One is with different ball diameters used in light weight application. The other one is eight-point contact bearings with two same ball raceways. You can simply think of it as two single-row ball bearings stacked together.


This structure increases the load capacity up to 80% compared to the same-sized single row ball slewing bearing, but has a smaller profile than a three-row roller slewing bearing design. They can accommodate greater axial load, provide higher safety, which makes them particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications. 

  • Eight-point contact, double row ball slewing ring bearing series

  • For mid-to-heavy load applications

  • Suitable for vibration conditions

  • Insensitive to rough mounting structure

  • Provide high load for a restricted installation space

  • Available in no-geared, internally geared and externally gear versions

  • Available in gears induction hardened versions

  • Available in outer diameters of 300mm-2000mm. Other sizes are available upon request.

  • Available in different corrosion protection coatings

  • Matching pinions are available for all slewing bearings. 

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