Our Values & Beliefs

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Values & Beliefs

A Little Story behind the Picture

When we moved our facility to a new bigger place in 2018.

We want to put something in the hall of our office building to show our company values.

So, we had an internal discussion about what we write, and we asked ourselves a question...

When our customers talk about UIPI, what do we want to hear?

And these words come out of our mouths:

Professional, Reliable. Responsible, Authentic. Integrity, Innovative, Efficient...


Values & Beliefs.jpg

Well, we think that’s too many.

Is there any word that might cover all these traits?

Then, we think of the word: REPUTATION.


It's like an internal compass that directs how we make decisions. 

Like Warren Buffett says, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. 

At UIPI, we value our reputation more than anything else.

Our Values

● We believe in open and honest communication.
● We believe in competing on value, not price.
● We believe keep learning and keep growing.
● We believe everything starts and ends with quality.
● We believe the supplier should be the extended purchasing department of clients.
● We believe every customer deserves the very best, regardless if you are buying one bearing or 1,000.
● We believe do things right in easy times and do the right things in a hard times.
● We believe in the basic business rules - saying what we’re going to do, and doing what we've said.
● We DO NOT believe in shortcuts.

Our Beliefs

One day, I received an inquiry from a Colombian customer,  with no drawing, only the P/N.


But this is a slewing bearing only we can produce, with no competition.

Because it’s a private label slewing bearing for one of our OEM customers in the US.


He required two pieces(we keep inventory for regular OEM customers), and asked to send them by air.

He also wanted to sign a contract with us, to be the exclusive agency of this customer in the aftermarket of Colombia.

Sounds nice, right?

But we told him to contact the OEM customer directly, please.


We’ve promised the OEM customer “We will NEVER sell your slewing bearings in the aftermarket”

We understand protecting the aftermarket value of our OEMs.

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Whether you're trying to reduce the cost, improve the quality, shorten the lead time, or find an application engineering design helper, feel free to talk to us and see how we can help. 

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