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Applications & Industries

Applications & Industries

Meeting your needs of  various applications and industries

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Since 2004, UIPI has been providing tailor-made slewing bearings and mating pinions to a wide range of applications for numerous industries. Our dedicated team is happy to assist and offer their expertise throughout the consultation and engineering process.


Our expert design support, complete in-house manufacturing, and strict API-certified quality control, along with a strong focus on responsive customer service, have helped us gain the confidence and trust of our clients, build long-lasting, beneficial relationships.

Working with UIPI,  you’ll get a business partner, not just a slewing bearing supplier/manufacturer. We'll understand your application conditions, produce the most appropriate high-quality slewing bearing on time and within your budget for your project.

UIPI slewing bearings have been installed in countless different applications. Here are some of them as below:

● Access Platforms

● Amusement Rides

● Attachments

● Ballast Regulator

● Boom lifts

● Bridge Cranes

● Bucket Wheels

● Crane-Hook Rotators

● Concrete Pumps

● Construction Cranes

● Deck Cranes

● Drilling Equipments

● Earth-Drilling Machines

● Excavators

● Emergency Vehicles

● Floating Cranes

● Forklift Equipments

● Forestry Machines

● Grapples

● Harbor Cranes

● Logging Industry Machines

● Manipulators

● Mobile Cranes

● Offshore Cranes

● Packing Machines

● Rail Vehicles

● Railway Cranes

● Rotary Tables

● Reclaimers

● Robots

● Sewer Cleaner

● Ship Loaders

● Shipyard Cranes

● Stackers

● Tower Cranes

● Trailer

● Tunnel Boring Machines

● Water Treatment Equipments

● Welding Positioners

● Wind Turbines

Improve Your Purchasing Experience Today

Whether you're trying to reduce the cost, improve the quality, shorten the lead time, or find an application engineering design helper, feel free to talk to us and see how we can help. 

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Slewing Bearings in China

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