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Triple Row Roller Slewing Bearing

Triple Row Roller Slewing Bearing

Provide highest load in small spaces for large machinery

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Triple-row roller slewing bearings are made up of three separate rows of rollers, with two axial and one radial roller raceway, that can handle axial, radial, and overturning moment loads. The rollers are positioned in such a way that they can bear the most weight in small spaces, guaranteeing a long service life with high precision, high rigidity.


They are ideal for applications requiring a high degree of rigidity. When the double row ball slewing bearing or cross roller slewing bearing can’t meet your load capacity and rigidity requirement, the three-row roller bearings would be an excellent option. They are widely used in tunnel boring machines, wind turbines main bearings, stackers and reclaimers, and harbour cranes application.

  • Triple-row roller slewing bearing series

  • For heavy load applications

  • High tilting moment load capacity

  • High precision and High rigidity

  • Low friction and Long service life

  • The mounting surface must conform to defined standards for flatness and strength.

  • Provide the highest axial load possible and can accommodate very high tilting moments load

  • Available in none geared, internally geared and externally gear versions

  • This type of bearing are usually with induction hardened gear teeth.

  • The outer diameter usually >1000mm, available up to 2000mm

  • Available in different corrosion protection coatings

  • Matching pinions are available for all slewing bearings. 

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