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UIPI has designed and manufactured slewing ring bearings from 200mm to 5000mm in diameter, with and without gear, since 2004.


Whether you’re looking for small single-row ball slewing rings for light-duty applications to get optimal economy or large triple-roller slewing ring bearings for demanding applications requiring high load capacity. UIPI is pleased to provide a wide range of slewing bearings to fit your specific requirements.


All these small or large slewing bearings are designed by our engineering professionals, who have many years of hands-on experience in a wide range of applications. With the complete in-house manufacturing process from forging rough turning to final packing, and a 100% traceability quality control system with ISO & API certified, designed to US standards, and backed up by responsive expert service, you can rest easy. We have acquired confidence and trust from our clients through these years' efforts. 

Working with UIPI, you can expect:

  • Dependable Delivery: We recognize the importance of on-time delivery and are constantly updating our production process and facility flow to maintain 14-week lead times. UIPI will customize your slewing ring order with inventory and fulfillment services, like JIT delivery, private labeling, blanket orders, and scheduled releases.

  • Technical Support: Our professional engineers can work with you every step of the way in designing the most suitable slewing bearing for your application. They offer 2D drawings, 3D modeling, B10 life calculations, and technical manual support for slewing ring application engineering. 

  • High Quality: UIPI bought the complete slewing bearing manufacturing line in our facility, high-quality slewing ring bearings are rigorously inspected throughout the manufacturing process, and they meet or surpass the quality of all major brands.

  • Reasonable Price: The UIPI team understands that you can stay competitive in the global economy by maintaining a high standard of quality while keeping pricing low. By utilizing our own production process and leveraging our raw material sources, we are able to maintain steady, fair pricing.

Slewing Ring Bearing Features

Slewing ring bearings are good options for a wide range of heavy-duty mechanical equipment and can also give you a lot of design flexibility at the same time. They can withstand a variety of loads, including axial, radial, and tilting moments for many varied applications.


Slewing ring bearings provide engineers with a variety of options when it comes to flexibility. These choices allow slewing ring bearings to be tailored to the user's demands. Each part may be customized to work on its own or in combination with current equipment.


The application, weight, and intended function of the equipment all influence the variables of slewing ring bearings. Variable characteristics may include:


• Single, double or triple row structure

• With or without gear teeth, internal or external gear teeth

• Ball, cross roller, or combination bearing designs

• Size and location of mounting hole patterns

• Lubrication holes are available

• Preloading options are available as well as variations in clearance

If those options don't meet your need, our engineer team are ready to help you on further customization. 

Contact us to speak with our experts directly.  

For more information on specific slewing ring bearings, please check the links below.

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Whether you're trying to reduce the cost, improve the quality, shorten the lead time, or find an application engineering design helper, feel free to talk to us and see how we can help. 

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