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Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Compact structure with high rigidity, high precision and constant rotational resistance

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The crossed roller slewing bearing is made up of two seat rings. This single row crossed roller slewing bearing uses a steel roller as the rolling element rather than a steel ball, making it more compact and lighter. It is appropriate for high precision mounting and capable of bearing axial force, resultant moment, and a significant big radial force due to the 1:1cross arrangement of the rollers. 

The crossed roller slewing bearings have a smaller axial and radial clearance, from 0-0.03mm (preload), than single-row ball slewing bearings. The rotating is less flexible than the single row ball slewing bearings. They are primarily used when precision and rigidity are key operational parameters or when zero operational clearance or preload is required, as well as rotation torque. 

  • Cross roller slewing ring bearing series

  • For mid-to-heavy load applications

  • High precision and accuracy

  • High stiffness and rigidity

  • Constant rotational resistance

  • Low rotational torque

  • Accept all combinations of axial, radial, and tilting moment loads

  • Available in no-geared, internally geared and externally gear versions

  • Available in gears induction hardened versions

  • Available in outer diameters of 300mm-2000mm. Other sizes are available upon request.

  • Available in different corrosion protection coatings

  • Matching pinions are available for all slewing bearings. 

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