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Slewing Bearings

High-Quality & Customized Slewing Bearings to fit your demands

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UIPI has designed and manufactured slewing ring bearings from 200mm to 5000mm diameter, with and without gear, since 2004.


Whether you’re looking for small single-row ball slewing rings for light-duty applications to get optimal economy or large triple-roller slewing ring bearings for demanding applications requiring significant load capacity. UIPI is pleased to provide a wide range of slewing bearings and all the bearings in between.


All these small or large slewing bearings are designed by our engineering experts who have many years of hands-on experience in countless applications. With the complete in-house manufacturing process from forging rough turning to final packing, and 100% traceability quality control system with ISO & API certified, built to US standards and supported by responsive expert service. We have gained confidence and trust from our clients through these years' efforts. 

Improve Your Purchasing Experience Today

Whether you're trying to reduce the cost, improve the quality, shorten the lead time, or find an application engineering design helper, feel free to talk to us and see how we can help. 

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CASE STUDY: How we Help an OEM Customer Reduce the Cost by 30%
They were eager to update the aged product lines based on customer input. But they have not seen any issues with their previous slewing bearing suppliers, or their customers have not suggested any slewing ring problems on their equipment...