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One More Thing to Do When We Receive Customer's Drawing

When customers send us a slewing bearing drawing and request a quote.

We will make a UIPI drawing and quote the customer. If the customer accepts our offer, we will get a deal.

There’s nothing special.

But usually, our engineering team will do one more thing when making the UIPI drawing.

We will double-check the slewing bearing design carefully to see if there’s any improvement that we can make, without increasing the cost or affecting the installation.

Recently, we received a new model number slewing bearing from our customer.

The balls in the raceways are not in the middle of the rings.

We advised the customer to move the balls closer to the middle; this will be a little bit more steady for the bearing.

We know there is no fatal effect even if we keep the design as it is, but we believe in excellence.

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Excellence is not a skill; it's an attitude.

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