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A Story about UIPI President&CEO

A salesman who can no longer walk without aid, and has to stay in Long-Term Care permanently for the rest of his life.

But still, get commissions from the company on time. Could this be true? This is what's happening in UIPI.

Let me tell you a little bit long story...

Fred is a menber of the UIPI sales team, who lives in the US. When he met UIPI's president - Wendell at ICUEE in the US for the first time, there was no Linkedin.

Wendell told Fred that he would like to establish his own company and sell bearings from China to the US, and he would like to find someone to help him with market development. Fred was excited about it because he's been in the bearing industry for many years and knows the US market very well. He enjoyed the conversation with Wendell very well and would like to help. They had an agreement - Wendell will give Fred sales commissions per piece bearing.

While that's not special, it's normal and fair in the sales business.

And Fred is really a great salesman. He helped develop several big customers that have been working with UIPI for over 10 years now, it's been going on very well.

Unfortunately, in the years around 2010, Fred had two heart surgeries. Later on, he was not in good health and id not develop the market any longer. Gradually, he did not serve the customers. The last email he sent to the customer directly was in 2013, and since then, UIPI has taken over the customers completely.

But, Fred still gets the checks periodically from UIPI on time. We also keep in touch from time to time. For nearly 10 years, for all the orders that customers placed directly with us, UIPI still counts the sales on Fred.

When I heard this, I thought our boss's business philosophy was interesting, and a little bit different from many other business owners.

Until September 2022, we got an updated email from Fred's wife, as we said above. Wendell promised, "As long as the customers ordered one piece of bearing to UIPI, the sales credit would be counted on Fred." We will take care of him for the rest of his life.

I'm not sure how you feel about this, but when I heard this story, I felt really lucky and proud to work at UIPI.

I'm a firm believer. "You can tell a lot about a person from the way they treat others."

People always talk about how their companies are different from their competitors.

I believe the most significant difference in our company; is our President.

He is the soul of our company and the core value of our company.

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