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Our Competitors are “Giving Away” their Customers to us...

Recently, we had a customer place an order with us.

The customer specifically pointed out that one of the internally geared slewing bearings requires counterbores around the grease holes, even though this is already shown in the original drawing.

That was interesting to me.

Because all the bearings would be produced exactly as same as the slewing bearing drawings if his original drawing already showed this, why did they bother to mention it again?

Later, I found out that the drawing shows these counterbores, but the customer has never received the slewing bearings this way. They have to drill in these counterbores on their own after receiving the bearings.

That was astonishing to us!

How could the finished bearings be different from the drawings?!

If so, what’s the point of asking customers to confirm the slewing bearing drawings?

We understand their concerns, so we promise to provide the slewing bearings exactly as shown in the drawing. The grease fitting should be sunk into the raceway and not stick out, as shown clearly in our drawing section view B-B.

Even though we promised this, the customer responded, as the picture shows:

Now we understand how disappointed and frustrated they are...

So, it’s time to “Show, Don’t Tell”

We sent the following picture to the customer, which is one of our slewing bearings in production.

Then they are assured that we’re good to go.

We understand: The reason you get hired is different from the reason you get fired.

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