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There's a Problem with One of Our Delivered Slewing Bearings

The blue stripe that indicates the high spot on gear teeth was missing on the slewing bearing.

The customer feedback with pictures asked us how to find the highest spot without blue stripes.

We feel grateful that they would like to fix the issue by themselves first; instead of requesting to send the slewing bearing back to us directly.

We told them, “There are always "O" stamps on the highest point of the gear teeth, as shown in the picture." It’s on the outer ring mounting surface. Where there are the "O" stamps on the teeth, there is the highest point. "

The customer searched the bearing but found no markings or “O”s stamped on it. Our suggestions weren’t working.

At this point, I think the customer might feel a little bit confused and doubt the bearing.

To make them feel more comfortable, we decided to send a slewing bearing replacement in our next shipment and ship this bearing back to our facility in China for the issue investigation.

Even though the bearing is probably fine, it only needs the highest spot painted, but that’s not the customer’s responsibility.

Put customers’ best interests first; it’s the right way to do business.

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